2023 UAW Special Bargaining Convention

2023 UAW Special Bargaining Convention Day 1:
Yesterday kicked off the UAW Special Bargaining Convention in Detroit, Michigan! As the meeting was called to order, it began with opening prayer by Pastor Helene Walker from Local 600, and then the posting of the colors.
Guest speakers included:
Senator Gary Peters of Michigan, who spoke favorably about how Michigan was the first state to repeal “right to work.” Senator Peters said he would fight for unions, “If you’re making batteries in the United States, it better be union plants that make these batteries. Unions are the people that stand up for the working class!”.
Unifor President Lana Payne spoke on her excitement for working with the UAW for the future of all union members.
IUAW President Shawn Fain took stage for the first time since being sworn in this past Sunday. Attempting to rouse the delegates with a promise of an aggressive approach to achieving the demands of the rank and file. Fain also asked for the membership to come back together after the election. Praising former President Ray Curry for his time served, and Fain told the floor that “We grow stronger through bonds of solidarity”.
Key issues that will be focus of the bargaining table this year: tiered wages, in-sourcing of jobs, new investments from the companies, training in-house, organizing, job security, and COLA.
COLA became the main focus of debate on how it should be handled at the negotiating table on whether it should be mandated for every local union. A new resolution was presented to the floor and voted down.