Day 3 of the UAW Special Bargaining Convention

Day 3 of the UAW Special Bargaining Convention!
What started as a somber procession turned into a an eruption of solidarity thanks to a rousing speech from UAW VP Chuck Browning, “Let the world know that we are united. We are coming together and sticking together and taking on the boss. They are making record profits and we are going to put some of that into the membership’s pockets.”
Chuck later went on to address the elephant in the room and spoke about the division. It was an emotional moment for our brothers and sisters. He asked that the membership stand behind their newly elected UAW President and this was met with a standing ovation.
Special guest:
Michigan Congressional Representative Debbie Dingell once again visited our Convention to speak on important issues. She reminisced about her friend, former UAW President Ray Curry, and spoke about how we must fight to protect American workers as the auto industry transitions to all electric vehicles.
ALL RESOLUTIONS ARE NOW ACCEPTED AS THEY ARE WRITTEN. Apart from “honoring picket lines” which was pulled and amended (within the confines of what’s legal).
President Shawn Fain ended the convention with a rousing speech. Promising a fight as negotiations come this Fall. Fain stated, “When we stand together, they will not break us. Our commitment is to you, the membership! Our power is unity and not leadership.”
This Convention had its ups and downs. The division that was made during this historic election must now come to pass. Solidarity begins within the rank and file. As we approach the end of the coming contracts, we at Local 1853 must stand together. Solidarity forever.