Standing Committees

Communications for UAW Local 1853 are chaired by Todd Horton and Brian Costantino. If you need information regarding communications at UAW Local 1853 please call the union hall at 931-486-0125.

The Local Union shall have the following standing committees: Constitution and Bylaws, Union Label, Education, Conservation and Recreation, Community Services, Civil and Human Rights, Citizenship and Legislative, Consumer Affairs, Veterans, a Local Union Women’s Committee where such membership exists, and such other committees as they deem necessary. All committees should be appointed or elected, subject to the discretion of the Local Union or Unit Workplace Organization in the case of an Amalgamated Local Union.

What Standing Committees Do? 

Local Union Standing Committees are the tools through which the policies and programs aimed at strengthening our union are put to work. These committees support UAW members by implementing activities that further the social, economic and political goals of the UAW. Local Union Standing Committees are made up of individuals who may have a special interest or strength in a particular area or they may just want to learn more about a subject and find a way to contribute to the labor movement. 

An effective standing committee uses the diversity of its local membership to bring together ideas, opinions and information needed to support common labor objectives that include: 
• Building solidarity among the membership 
• Encouraging members to take part in activities in the local union
• Providing communication links within the workplace
• Becoming politically active
• Working with other standing committees to keep the membership informed of current issues
• Educating members to become active in the local union by setting up classes and exchanging information on
issues that concern working families
• Working with our coalition partners in building a progressive social movement.

An effective standing committee is a motivated, energetic and innovative group of members who can apply their abilities to their areas of interest. Standing committees work in cooperation with their local union executive board. They identify topics, programs and issues that are important to the membership, the community, the local union, the international union and labor movement as a whole. They develop plans and proposals for activities and, when approved by the local union executive board, carry out those plans. Standing committees report out at membership meetings on the progress of their activities and future plans. 

Contact the Chairperson of the committee that you would like to become involved with.