Community Service

"There is no greater calling than to serve your fellow men. There is no greater contribution than to help the weak. There is no greater satisfaction than to have done it well."  – Walter Reuther


Chair: Holly DeYager

[email protected]

The Community Services Committee performs the important task of getting help for members and their families in time of need. This committee also plays a pivotal role in plant closings, strikes and layoffs. If being there to assist when an emergency, natural disaster, or even just hard times arise is something you feel strongly about, then this is the committee to invest your time and effort into. Some examples of community service activities include:

  • hurricane relief
  • organ donor awareness
  • food drives
  • blood drives
  • support for laid off workers

The Community Services Committee works through public and private organizations to assure that members faced with problems and emergency situations get relief when needed.

Generally, strike insurance benefits are handled by this committee when local unions are forced to demonstrate their economic strength. This committee serves as the local’s link with the community as we all work together to help those in need.



General Resources

  • Establish Peer Support Networks
  • Provide Service Agency Information
  • Develop A Referral Network
  • Connect Members to EAP


Strike/Lockout assistance

  • Handle health and welfare problems
  • Connect with community agencies
  • Provide peer support and referral services


Worksite Closing Info

  • Provide worksite closing information
  • Provide employment program information
  • Provide services information



Disaster Relief

  • Coordinate & identify community resources
  • Recruit volunteers to assist Red Cross
  • Collect info on members impacted
  • Prioritize for those affected by the disaster