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Chair: Charlie Davis

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The Veterans Committee seeks members who are willing to represent the interest of all active and retired UAW Veterans and their families. This committee is dedicated to advocating for the political and social concerns of Veterans.

This is accomplished through leadership, guidance and education on matters of concern, such as:

Chair: Michael Ray
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Article 44 of the UAW Constitution lays out the mandatory standing committees for local unions. Union Label comes second – right after Constitution and Bylaws. Article 54, Section 8 adds: “All Local Unions shall have an appointed or elected Union Label Committee that must function.”

Chair: Sherry Creps

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Purpose of the Committee

Chair: Mike Martinez

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Today the UAW has the largest, most progressive program for retired members in American labor unions. The first resolution addressing retired workers was introduced at the 1951 UAW Convention.

The UAW took its first step toward establishing a formal organizational structure for retirees at its 1957 Convention with its adoption of Resolution 17, “UAW Program for Older and Retired Workers and Other Citizens.”

Chair: Kenny Gwynn

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Details for this committee will be posted soon. 

Chair: Erica Pater & Beatrice Duke

Chair: Brandon Broadnax

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Election Committee Members:

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